The world has gone virtual. With social distancing now an integral part of our lives, the virtual world is buzzing, while the streets and shops have gone quiet. For right now, at least, online shopping is the way of the world. However, in modern society, this adjustment is not quite the difficult feat it may seem to some. In many ways, it’s actually quite smart.

In this throwaway world, smarter choices are already being made, with many making the switch to sustainable and healthier products. Now, you can save time, money, your health and the environment simply by shopping online.

For our Norwex Consultants and Customers, that means hosting and attending Online Parties.


What is an Online Party?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a party that’s hosted on a virtual platform. This is where you can be part of a Norwex party and still have access to products you consider essential for your home and the health of your family through different Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, and WhatsApp. Online Parties are simply a safe, streamlined and clever way to shop.

That leads us to our top tips for clever shopping:

1. Buy Better

In these unusual times, we have never been more aware of the health and safety of our families and with that comes a more pressing need to maintain a clean, healthy home.

With so many at home, we’re living and working amongst our families in such close quarters, making it so important to ensure our environment is clean. Keeping the health of our families and the environment in mind, that means cleaning our homes with just Norwex Microfibre and water, and without harmful chemicals. It’s not about spending more: Norwex is about helping you to spend better. Your home environment is cleaner and healthier, allowing everyone to live and breathe easy.


2. Connection

Now more than ever we are looking for different ways to connect. An Online Party gives you just that: the chance to catch up with others socially, as well as find out excellent information on reducing the chemicals in your home. You can do all that in your pyjamas with a cuppa in hand. For some, that really is the dream.

The beauty of online parties is that it is so easy to organise a ladies’ night from your couch and invite your besties! Plus, you’ll be well rewarded for doing so.


3. Convenience

Shop from the comfort of your own home. With so many at home, aware of social distancing, Norwex orders can be delivered directly to your front door. This is not only convenient but necessary. You can also purchase whatever products you need without being limited to 1 or 2 items, making Norwex a very clever choice for you, and for the health of your family.

Plus, the more Norwex products you have, the more you have to fill your day with while spending so much time at home! A clean home is a happy and healthy one!

So, while we may be working our way through the unchartered waters of isolation, life can still go on, especially life with Norwex! We’re always here, working hard to provide you with the essential products you need to maintain your Safe Haven and keep your home and family safe and healthy.